Santa Baby, Just Slip A Bloody and Mangled Doll’s Head Under The Tree

my bloody santa.gif The New York Post has a field day with the macabre Christmas display in front of an 18th St. brownstone, delighting in Yuletide puns like “’tis the season to be creepy” “Christmas jeer” and “ho ho….no!” But hm, a closer look reveals that the placement of the “BAD SANTA” block lettering is covering up an integral part of the display….doll’s head, check; bloody St. Nick, check; large curling snakelike phallus, cleverly obscured by a well-placed headline. Oh, NYP, you ARE a coy one, aren’t you?

Fortunately the pic accompanies the story unobscured, but Fishbowl does you one better: after the jump, our EXCLUSIVE PICS of the offending holiday display, taken by intrepid FishFriend (and, really, friend to all media) Bucky Turco of Animal Magazine.

p.s. We’ve chosen to ignore this as yet another salvo in the tiresome “War on Christmas,” and also chosen not to riff on the fact that the perpetrators are godless Jews named Krupnik.

O, Holy Fright [NYP]

well, clearly someone's having a merry christmas.png

Well, clearly someone‘s having a Merry Christmas

santa's little bloody head.png

Santa with cute little severed bloody head

santa bloody barbie.png

Adorable decapitated Barbie in a tree!

santa's little pigsticker.png

Santa’s little pigsticker

santa scary gargoyles.png

Charming browntone gargoyles – God is in the details!

santa baby, just slip a severed doll head under the tree.png

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Happy Holidays from the Krupniks! God bless us, every one!