Sadness Surrounds Delicious Demise

News broke yesterday through a leaked slide that Yahoo is making plans to shut down bookmarking site Delicious (along with AltaVista and other Yahoo properties). While other tools have overtaken Delicious in online prominence, there are still some who lament the likely passing of this once popular resource.

Marshall Kirkpatrick on ReadWriteWeb writes that Delicious is like a museum of information and wants to at least extract some of the information that the site holds. The Washington Post reports that there’s a “Save Delicious” campaign on Twitter (#savedelicious), adding that Lifehacker evaluates ways that people can take some of Delicious’ info before it makes its final farewell.

And over at our fellow site 10,000 Words, Mark Luckie writes about the ways he used Delicious, among them for research and “to understand the tastes of others.” This is where Delicious is useful for PR pros as well. So during the holiday downtime, you might want to take what may be your final look at Delicious and gather info while you still can.

Update: Social Times reports that Yahoo will be selling Delicious. A spokesperson notes “there is not a strategic fit” for the site at Yahoo.  Read on here.

Update: Stephen Hood, a former Yahoo/Delicious exec, says the site would be best used as an archive since selling it will prove difficult. Mashable writes that much of the staff has already been laid off and Yahoo doesn’t plan to sustain the service. But the site is tied so closely with Yahoo, that it would be difficult for another company to take charge.