Russian ‘Snob’ to Launch in U.S.

An unlikely magazine with an even unlikelier name is coming to the United States.
The magazine is Snob, and it already publishes in Russia and the U.K. Snob, which is aimed at well-heeled Russians, consists of three components: a general-interest magazine, online social network and live events. The U.S. debut is set for Sept. 15 with a target circulation of 20,000.
While it’s hard to imagine American consumers carrying around a magazine called Snob, its founders have explained that for Russians, the term is actually a compliment. (The company is the brainchild of editor Vladimir Yakovlev, a journalist who founded the independent newspaper Kommersant; and CEO Mikhail Prokhorov, the owner of the New Jersey Nets.)
The magazine’s target audience in the U.S., as it is elsewhere, is young, well-educated, professionals who are native Russians. Befitting its name, Snob won’t come cheap; a subscription to the magazine and access to its social network will run $225 for six months.