RLM CEO’s Two Twitter Shadows


Once RLM PR CEO Richard Laermer started Tweeting, he couldn’t stop. He currently Tweets as @Laermer, as well as on @HowToFame, @badpitch and @punkmarketing, and these are just the ones that stuck.

Now he has two more to worry about, the “upside down” Laermer @Raermer, and the rather vicious @EvilLaermer. The former mainly pokes fun with constant misspellings–a Laermer pet peeve. EvilLaermer is clearly someone who currently works at RLM or did in the past–the feed is peppered with nasty comments about RLM staffers (above), and attempts to communicate with other former staffers. Both take issue with Laermer’s big personality and sometimes harsh online demeanor .

So far EvilLaermer has not responded to PRNewser, and Raermer won’t confirm ever working at RLM though admits to once working in PR. The only other clue is that he/she is currently on living on the west coast. Raermer went as far as emailing me directly, and inviting me to chat on Gtalk. Raermer didn’t confirm any goal in all of this except to poke fun of Laermer’s emails and annoy him, “he atalks abotu takin time to rite, time to reed, ‘takin time’ but his emaisl and effort adn attention but u shld reed hsi emails.”

Richard Laermer told us that he knows exactly who it is: an Account Executive who walked off the job after twice being denied a raise. Laermer referenced her behavior in an MSNBC.com trend story and received a nasty, anonymous email shortly after: “F*** you, pay more.”

One former staffer told us they wouldn’t be surprised if it was Laermer himself running these feeds. A quick look at LinkedIn doesn’t immediately reveal a female AE who left sometime in the spring or early summer of this year.

Unlike the situation where one Detroit firm successfully sued another for Twitter impersonation, these feeds are parodies, and are likely to go away once the impersonator becomes bored with the effort.