Another RIM Sale Rumor | Larry Page Loses Voice | Facebook’s ‘Find Friends Nearby’

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Report: RIM May Be Selling Handset Business To Facebook Or Amazon (Business Insider)
According to a report in the British paper The Sunday Times, Facebook and Amazon are two potential buyers for RIM’s handset business. RIM would keep its enterprise services if such a deal went through, according to the report. Fair warning though, the report does not cite any sources, so treat the news with some skepticism. The Verge As part of this plan, RIM could keep its enterprise-friendly messaging and data network (including BBM, BIS, and BES) in-house and license them out — a move championed by former co-CEO Jim Balsillie prior to his departure from the company. Alternatively, RIM may sell the network services division, too. Another option, short of splitting the company in two, would be to sell a large stake to a corporation like Microsoft. GigaOm On the surface that may not sound like a bad play, since RIM’s hardware sales growth has lagged the competition as both iPhones and Android devices have invaded the enterprise. The problem is: Selling off the hardware unit will also rid RIM of the majority of its revenue stream. AllThingsD Such a consideration is said to be part of an overall strategic review by the beleaguered Canadian company that will be concluded in July. Before that, though, expect financial news — likely bad — this week when RIM announces its first-quarter earnings. 9to5 Mac Any way you look at it, on the fifth anniversary of iPhone, Blackberry — as we knew it — is almost over.

The New York Times Gets All the News That’s Fit to Print — All of It — Into Flipboard (All Things D)
Here’s a corporate mash-up for you: The Times’ subscribers will soon be able read the entire paper on the aggregation/recommendation app. The news is important for Flipboard, because it marks the first time the start-up has convinced a big publisher to give it full access to its “premium” content. And it’s important for the Times, because it’s the first time it’s given anyone else full access to its stuff. Techcrunch “We are not disclosing the specific deal terms,” said Flipboard CEO Mike McCue, “but for readers this will work for all NY Times subscribers with digital access. Readers can also subscribe to the New York Times App through iTunes. They can then use that authentication log-in to access all the stories of The New York Times right on Flipboard. AdAge The Times said the effort is part of a strategy it called “NYT Everywhere,” a riff on the TV industry’s bid to let people watch TV on all kinds of devices — “TV Everywhere” — as long as they also pay for a cable or satellite subscription.

What’s Ailing Google Chief? (Wall Street Journal)
Google Inc. says Chief Executive Larry Page has “lost his voice,” but it won’t say much more about the matter. The billionaire co-founder missed Google’s annual meeting Thursday, and the company said he will miss two other important engagements over the next several weeks. In an email to employees on Thursday, however, Mr. Page wrote that “there is nothing seriously wrong with me” and that he would “continue to run the company,” according to a person familiar with the matter.

‘Find Friends Nearby’: Facebook’s New Mobile Feature For Finding People Around You (Techcrunch)
Facebook has created a new feature that lets users find friends and potential friends nearby. Initially called “Friendshake” and also accessible through a URL that is the abbreviation of “find friends nearby” (, it’s another step in Facebook furthering its reach into mobile, and creating services to meet new people — rather than building up more connectivity with the ones you already know. Venturebeat Essentially, Find Friends Nearby takes you to a Web page where you can see other people who are near your location and also looking at the FFN page. In an ideal situation, if you and a person that you just met want to be friends on Facebook, you could both could go to the FFN page rather than typing in each other’s names the old-fashioned way. Mashable In order to find a user through Find Friends Nearby, you and the person you’re looking for must both have the feature turned on. Los Angeles Times All apps in Facebook’s new App Center are required to have a written privacy policy that sheds light on what information the app collects and shares, according to an agreement reached with California Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris. AllFacebook Who really has the most influence on Facebook: Men or women? Married people or singles? That’s what two New York University scholars wanted to find out. Their study, published in Science Magazine, revealed some interesting data points.

YouTube Joins Pinterest: Check Out Their Boards (SocialTimes)
YouTube has joined Pinterest, and they’ve already put together a whole slew of boards for you to follow. “We’ve brought together a Pinterest dream team at YouTube to share videos we hope you’ll find particularly useful, informative and inspiring—with a goal that every video we share will ‘wow’ you,” Danielle Paquette, social media manager at YouTube, said on the company’s blog.

App Developers Can Now Respond to Reviews in Google Play (AppNewser)
Have you ever left a review of an app and wished you could tell if it had been read? Now you can. Google Play now offers developers the option of responding to reviews. They can give feedback to their users, reply to bug reports, and point users at more help, if need be.

Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Returns to Twitter, Promotes ‘Megabox’ (Mashable)
Kim Dotcom, the quixotic millionaire founder of file-sharing service Megaupload who’s wanted for extradition to the U.S., returned to Twitter this week to prove to the world he’s still creating new platforms despite his entanglements with law enforcement. Dotcom also used the new account to announce that “Megabox,” a new music discovery and sharing service, is still on its way despite his still being under arrest.

Google to launch Amazon, Microsoft cloud rival at Google I/O (GigaOm)
Google is very likely to launch a cloud services platform at its annual developer conference, Google I/O this week in San Francisco. It was one of the topics of discussion in the hallways of our Structure 2012 conference. We have since confirmed with multiple sources who are familiar with Google’s plans which include a more comprehensive offering that its current app engine and storage offerings. The Mountain View, Calif-based Internet giant declined to comment. CNet (CNet) The Web giant’s platform will most likely compete with Amazon’s EC2 cloud service, but it could also be up against a similar infrastructure as a service (IaaS, in industry jargon) cloud computing offering that Microsoft is supposedly building.