Revolving Door 6.29.05

Two byline changes to note today:

  • In a move that has left Posties of all shapes and sizes puzzled, 22-year veteran writer John Mintz is leaving the paper to join the private sector. He’s taking his “formidable sleuthing skills” to his brother’s corporate intelligence firm, the James Mintz Group, as a senior investigator–we would guess at a pay rate somewhat higher than the Post offers. The firm specializes in investigations “before deals, during disputes, and after fraud.”

    Mintz, who started on the Metro desk, has spent roughly the last decade on the national staff and has been one of the paper’s lead voices on homeland security issues since 9/11.

  • Over at the Watergate, Hotline staff writer Mike Memoli has been appointed Last Call’s associate editor, taking the place of the departed David Smith. Memoli joined the staff just after Labor Day last year after graduating from Baltimore’s Loyola College. He’s single and likes long walks on the Tidal Basin.

Any other beat changes/transfers/hires/fires out there we should know about? Email us or use the tip box.