‘Retweet To Reemploy’ Campaign Helps Job Seekers Find Work

'Retweet To Reemploy' Campaign Helps Job Seekers Find Work

Fifth Third Bank is using Twitter to help its unemployed customers find a job. And you can help, with a retweet.

Being out of work is tough, and it can be especially devastating to have to look at a declining bank balance every month. So Fifth Third Bank is using its advertising clout to help its out of work customers get back on their feet.

The “Retweet to Reemploy” campaign features real-life, long-term unemployed Fifth Third customers sharing their stories, resumes and qualifications with the world on the Retweet to Reemploy microsite.

Featured job seekers post their profile to the site, and are connected to Fifth Third’s reemployment program which, in partnership with NextJob, offers one-on-one job coaching, weekly webinars and the Job Seeker’s Toolkit, an online training program.

The bank is asking for the public’s help in connecting even more job seekers to their powerful network. While every job seeker is being given access to the Job Seeker’s Toolkit, every 53 retweets, a new job seeker’s profile will be added to the microsite, and he or she will be eligible for a one-one-one coaching scholarship. Up to 53 scholarships will be awarded.

As of the time of writing, 38 job seekers have already been helped with 2,046 retweets.

(Handshake image via Shutterstock)