Restaurant PR Freelancers Getting Short End of the Stick?

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Times are tough for many PR pros right now. So much so that one freelance restaurant publicist wrote in to popular foodie blog Eater to plea for help. But it’s not just the freelancers. Writes Eater’s Amanda Kludt, “Based on the number of emails from newly out of work PR kids looking for freelance work, it looks like some of the biggest firms-Hall, Baltz, Bullfrog-have been cutting the fat since this recession started.”

However it was the freelancer who caught Kludt’s eye, with a long letter to the editor that stated, “I’m pitching the following subject for editorial consideration – that of the NYC restaurant publicist in today’s economic climate.” For this particular freelancer, Susan Rike, the good times brought “6-month PR contracts” with fees of “$2,000 on up.” No more. Now, Rike says that nobody is “willing to sign contracts at all” and her fees have “dropped significantly.” Meanwhile, “Clients expected major media results in 4 weeks,” and “Checks bounced.”

Hopefully New York’s restaurant week helped agency and freelance PR pros pick up some work. If you’d like to share your experiences, get in touch.