Report: The New York Times Patching Holes in Paywall

The New York Times has been busy plugging leaks in its soon-to-deploy paywall, as Bloomberg reports that it discovered some 700 glitches and has repaired approximately 500 of them thus far.

The paywall is slated to be implemented by March, and remaining issues include how the system will determine who must pay and at which point the paywall takes effect, according to Bloomberg.

One potential hiccup, according to Bloomberg: The Times plans to charge users after they have viewed a certain number of stories, but those directed to the site from social networks such as Facebook can view unlimited stories.

Times spokesman Robert Christie told Bloomberg the issues are “routine,” adding, “This is a massive, massive technical undertaking.”

And Silver Spring, Md.-based newspaper consultant and analyst John Morton told Bloomberg, “The Times‘ Web site gets a lot of visitors, and they don’t want to drive those people away. Everybody is watching them to see how they do it.”

At a conference in Munich, Germany, last week, The New York Times Co. chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. said, “We believe that enough people will pay, but we will not cut ourselves off from the rest.”