New ‘Related Headlines’ Feature Adds Embedded Links To Tweets’ Permalink Pages

Starting today, for any tweets that have been embedded on websites, Twitter has implemented a new “related headlines” section on those tweets’ permalink pages.

That means that when you click on the permalink of a tweet, you’ll be able to see beneath it a list of website links where the tweet was embedded, making it easy and efficient to discover stories that provide more context for newsworthy tweets.

Here’s an example, provided by Twitter.

In April, when Jason Collins became the first NBA player to publicly come out, the news traveled quickly (as it is wont to do) on Twitter. With the new “related headlines” feature, users would have been able to see in-feed context around the tweet thanks to links to outlets like ESPN, MSNBC, and Bleacher Report:

Have you noticed the “related headlines” section on any tweets yet?

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