5 Reasons You Got Unfriended On Facebook (And How To Prevent It From Happening Again)

Have you been loosing sleep trying to figure out why you got unfriended on Facebook? I hope not! But if you have been unfriended recently, you might still be curious to know the reason behind this distasteful act. Lucky for you, a new study conducted by University of Colorado Denver researchers will help you make sure you will never be unfriended again!

After surveying 1500 Facebook users on Twitter (loving the irony!), University of Colorado Denver Ph.D student Christopher Sibona found the following top reasons for Facebook unfriending:

1. Frequent Unimportant Posts

Sorry, but your friends don’t really want to be getting minute-by-minute updates of your band… You might want to try Twitter for that!

2. Religion and Politics

If you’re using Facebook to air your political and religious beliefs, you’re bound to offend somebody! Remember, if it’s not a good topic for a dinner party, don’t bring it up on Facebook either!

3. Inappropriate Posts

Keep it PG please! If you’re constantly posting crude or racists comments, you can’t really blame your Facebook friends for unfriending you. If your mother shouldn’t be hearing it, don’t post it on Facebook!

4. Offline Behavior

While 57% of surveyed participants unfriended for online reasons such as the ones above, 26.9% unfriended for offline behavior. So to get and keep all your Facebook friends, not only do you have to stop being annoying and act appropriately on Facebook, you have to do so in real life too!

5. Social Hierarchy

Just like in real life, there is also a social hierarchy on Facebook. Sibona found that those making the friend requests are much more likely to be abruptly unfriended, while those who unfriend have the dominant role in the relationship. So while you won’t be unfriending your mother any time soon, you might unfriend that “friend” who requested your friendship after meeting you at freshman orientation that one time.

The fact that the participants of this study were Facebook users who have Twitter accounts, hints at how frequent social media users separate Facebook and Twitter. Users who have both accounts might use Twitter for the frequent unimportant posts about politics and religion, while they see Facebook as a more personal platform to receive real genuine updates from real friends and do not tolerate “Twitter-like” updates.

Have you ever unfriended someone on Facebook? If so, why?

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Natasha Murashev is the author of PsychWorld.com, a digital publication focused on applied psychology.

Article image via writegal.