Qbox Launches Social Network Music Player and Streamer

qbox_logo_top.jpgSocial networks have been the destination of millions of free downloadable music that it has become difficult to monitor and get hold of them. But not anymore, thanks to Qbox which just launched the Qplayer, a hybrid desktop/web application that streams music from social networks.Qbox indexes the entire music inventories of top social media sites including MySpace, Facebook, Bebo to name a few, making it easy for users to search, organize, and listen to the entire catalog of free and legally available online music. But you, as a users can only access this inventory of social music individually per social network.


Qbox is essentially the online remote control for all available music in these social networks. It offers seamleass continous playback of music from various social sites, music bookmarking and online management of music, and music feed.

And to stay true with its social networking dictum, Qbox also offers social networking tools such as behavior-based music recommendation and genre tagging which adapted the 126-genre taxonomy of MySpace enabling users to discover new music by genre.

To use Qbox application, simply download and install Qplayer and you’ll soon have access to around 21 million songs available in the whole social websphere.