Publicists to Times: It’s Expensive to Live in NYC


The New York Times published a trend story over the weekend, titled, “Starting Salaries but New York Tastes,” which focused on young professionals adjusting to a NY lifestyle without big salaries.

What profession was most quoted in the story? Surprise, surprise: publicists.

The Times didn’t mention any of the details of where these publicists worked, referring to broad titles, such as “communications strategist.” So, PRNewser looked them up for you.

Laura Werkheiser, a Senior Account Executive at Fleishman Hillard and recent transplant from San Francisco, told the Times, “If I shop…I can’t have a social life and I can’t eat.”

Allison Mooney used to work in book publishing, but received a 40% raise when she joined Next Great Thing (NGT), a division of Fleishman-Hillard’s Youth and Mobile marketing group as Director of Trends and Research. She’s also tired of being hit on. “I find in other cities guys are more apt to buy you drinks and expect nothing from it. Here, if they do buy you a drink, which is rare, you have to suffer through flirtations. It’s true. It’s really cheesy,” she told the Times.

Adam Leibsohn makes $60,000 as a strategist at Anomaly Communications, but still keeps things simple. “It’s kind of a spartan lifestyle. I eat a lot of street meat for lunch.”

Ah, the things we do to live in the big city.

(image: Fleishman’s Laura Werkheiser)