Prom Dates, Part I

As word trickles in to the Fishbowl Prom War Room, we’ll be posting guest lists and news as we get it.

One emailer this morning pointed out the shame of this whole exercise: “Catty, I know, but it’s what we do.” We couldn’t agree more. Three notes so far today:

  • Reuters is planning a pre-party cocktail hour, but the word on the street is that the event might be targeted by the wire service’s aggressive and grievance-filled union for some sort of action: “Reuters could have some problems on their hands if its workers, tired of getting screwed by their parent company, choose to do some lobbying at the high profile event,” our source says.

  • Reader’s Digest ran into some problems getting prom tickets of its own (did they really forget to put in a request at all???), and so its two-person D.C. bureau was left to scrounge up some extra tickets from other news agencies. Ditto on the guest list when a round of Hollywood invites returned resounding silence. We hear that their marquee guest, far from a social elite, is Safia Taleb al-Suhail, the Iraqi woman with the purple-dipped finger made famous by President Bush at the State of the Union.

  • ABC’s guest list–including the previously announced James Dobson, Al Franken, and Steven Colbert–will feature both of the Super Bowl quarterbacks: the Eagles’ Donovan McNabb and the Patriots’ Tom Brady, who had been rumored to be in talks with CNN for an invite. Also joining Team Disney for the night will be Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington, a Howard University grad and Air Force vet.

Anyone else you know of? Email us or use the tip box. We’ll post more updates as events warrant.