Projectbook Set to Take on Evernote on the iPad

If you don’t ever expect to need to access your notes on something besides the iPad then you might want to look at a new app which launched this week. is a Minnesota-based startup which has just unveiled its first iPad app. Projectbook is an all in one note taking app with support for both scrawled and typed notes. The app will let you attach audio and video files, build checklists,and more.

You can import files from Instapaper, Dropbox, and more. The app will also let you import a webpage and then edit it with your own notes.  And it also has some impressive organization and search options.

But I don’t think it’s the app for me. In spite of the subscription cost of Evernote Premium, I’d still go with it. All too often I’ve needed to use other devices (I’ve never pinned myself down to just using the iPad). And all Projectbook offers for external support is the ability to export your notes as an email, PDF, text. etc.

But if you depend solely on your iPad then this app might be a good purchase. It’s also on sale right now.