Prettygreat Reveals First Details for Land Sliders on Mobile

In Land Sliders, players will move the world around their characters to help them collect items.

Australian game developer Prettygreat has officially announced its first game: Land Sliders. The upcoming mobile title will allow players to help 50 characters collect treasures specific to each in a movable world. Prettygreat was founded in February 2015 by three Halfbrick veterans: Phil Larsen, Luke Muscat and Hugh Walters.

In Land Sliders, players will use sliding, scrolling and swiping motions to move the world around their character, which sits in the center of the screen. As players move the world, they must guide their character around environments or along pathways to lead them to treasure while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

In Land Sliders, each 3-D level is described as unique, and part of an infinite world. In one stage, players may help Turny the explorer collect maps, while another stage sees players helping an astronaut collect oxygen tanks. While some levels contain human characters, others see players helping animals or objects. For instance, players will help a dog collect bones, a penguin collect bow ties, a tornado collect houses, and so on.

In June 2015, Prettygreat announced it had raised $500,000 in seed funding via a partnership with Crossy Road creators Matt Hall and Andy Sum. Fittingly, one area of Land Sliders will see players helping the Crossy Road chicken collect coins which resemble those in Crossy Road.

Specific platform and pricing details for Land Sliders will be announced ‘in the coming weeks.’ Check back soon for more.