PosiMotion Readies G-Spot, G-Park for the iTunes AppStore

gspotScreen_3.pngLocation-based software developer PosiMotion has unveiled a lineup of software products for the iPhone and iPod touch, the first of which will become available with the launch of the iTunes AppStore on Friday.

The company’s flagship G-Spot is a “position identifying and sharing application” that brings GPS-type functionality to both old and new iPhones. It includes a Compass tool that shows users the direction they’re heading; Spot Me, which provides a shortcut to pinpointing users’ locations; Share for instantly e-mailing your location to friends and Info, which provides latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, speed and accuracy data.

All that nifty functionality costs only $1.99 to download.

To learn about the other four new iPhone apps from PosiMotion, click continued.

Anyone who’s ever lost his or her car in a huge parking lot should appreciate the 99-cent G-Park, a small app that tells you where you parked your car. It sounds pretty simple: Park the car, hit the “Park Me!” button to pinpoint the location and go about your day. When it’s time to find the car, hitting the “Where Did I Park?” button will bring up turn-by-turn walking directions back to the vehicle.

Then there’s G-Fi, something the company claims is the world’s first mobile GPS network router combining GPS and Wi-Fi into a single product. Quite simply, G-Fi adds GPS functionality to any Wi-Fi-enabled device – the old and new iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, PC and even Windows Mobile devices. Unlike the G-Spot and G-Park, the $179 G-Fi is only available for pre-order on July 11; it won’t ship until September.

The other two products in the family are the G-Minds publishing program and the G-Life social networking service.

G-Minds is the company’s way of helping application developers skirt around Apple’s limitation on who can sell their wares in the AppStore. Essentially, PosiMotion’s G-Minds extends the company’s development, design and marketing resources to any iPhone app developer and somehow lets them be part of the AppStore.

PosiMotion claims that its G-Life “social networking experience dedicated to iPhone users” will define the future of global social networking by inviting visitors to “leave their mark on the world.”