Poppit! Stress Buster Creates, Relieves Stress

poppitPoppit! Stress Buster is a puzzle arcade game on Facebook developed by Pogo Games and Electronic Arts. You can play a sample of the game for free or go to the PogoGames website to access the full game (warning: may require purchasing).

The gameplay is similar to Dr. Mario or Snood in that you need to line up like-colored objects to clear them from the board. In this case, they are balloons, and thus the “stress buster” moniker. But the game is hard, really hard, so the “stress busting” name is a bit ironic.

The game also has an interesting twist on the puzzle genre. You don’t need to clear all of the balloons, but rather, only the ones with the prizes in them. So you must think before you pop that row of four balloons. In five moves, that could prove fatal. Luckily, the game provides you with an “undo” button. It’s a fun and well-conceived game, well animated and adorned with cute little prizes, balloons, and an anthropomorphic cactus – what more could you need?

On the social side, there’s not much to be said. The application only allows for invites or playing the one stage repeatedly. Other than that, you are directed to the Pogo games website to try other downloadable games or perhaps buy something high-end at EA. The developers don’t try to integrate the game into the social network other than using Facebook as an interactive advertisement ala those Orbitz mini-putt games. You need another application to even share statistics with your friends.

Still, the game is a challenging strategy game that is worth adding, but don’t look for this to be your gateway to a new addictive franchise.

Gameplay: 7

Developers: 4

Difficulty: 7