Polar Mobile Powers Yet Another Trad. Media to iPhone App: Time.com Mobile


I wouldn’t call Polar Mobile a monopoly. But, they sure seem to have a lock on the traditional-media-to-mobile-app conversion market. BusinessWeek and CNN Money are two big name firms whose iPhone (and/or BlackBerry) apps are powered by Polar Mobile’s mobile app engine. Their latest conversion is…

Time.com Mobile (iTunes App Store)

…which is a free iPhone news app. The Time.com Mobile app features a couple of interesting sections in addition to the expected news articles: Top 10 Lists (e.g., Top 10 Oddest Marvel Characters), notable quotes, and a photos & videos multimedia section round out the app.

I’m concerned that all of these “magazine apps” are going to clutter and crowd my iPhone’s already cluttered and crowded app windows. And, I wish that Polar would come up with a way to get their customers to share a single app (if only the iPhone had folders) instead of taking up one app slot per magazine. But, as magazine apps go, Time.com Mobile looks like a keeper so far.