Pogue On PR and “Web 2.0”

NY Times tech reporter David Pogue wrote yesterday about his experience at a recent PR industry event he was invited to speak at.

An emcee asked the following question before he spoke: “Why isn’t your company (or client) taking advantage of Web 2.0?”

Some of the answers he heard were:

“Not enough money.” “Don’t understand it.” “No technical resources.” “Not enough manpower.” “No visible return on investment.” “Fear of ridicule.” “Fear of slander.” “Fear of permanence.” “Fear of the public running amok.”

Fear is definitely a factor in many of the situations I’ve run into. Recent events like a Cisco employee blogger getting the company sued don’t exactly help either.

There are also other industries, such as pharmaceuticals, where it is virtually impossible to engage in an online conversation about certain topics.

When you can have fun is where it works, like this Ketchum campaign for Dr. Pepper offering everyone in American a free can of DP if Guns N’ Roses puts out their Chinese Democracy album out in 2008. The album has been “in the works” for over a decade. They even got Axl Rose himself to acknowledge them on the Guns ‘N Roses website.