Playing the Blog Market

Blogs are strange entities; some people make a killing at them and some plod along blogging for fun. Talking with some friends last night I had a revelation about how blogging and money really work.

Blogging is like collecting coins vs playing the stock market. It may seem like an odd analogy but hear me out. It may have been the sushi and Long Islands talking but this really makes sense.

Basically there are two ways to approach blogging. The first is like playing the stock market. You can take systematic approach to study potential stories, research when is the right time to post, then make your bet that your post will get enough traffic that you can monetize your blog.

The second way, the way I would prefer, is closer to the coin collecting model. Essentially you write about things you enjoy, it is like collecting coins you find interesting, eventually your post will generate interest and people will listen; like finding a coin of value in your set.

Both systems have their pros and cons. The stock market approach, which is taken by larger publications, is great if you have a pool of writers who can toil away like a million monkeys for a million years.

The second approach should be taken by the casual blogger. Essentially someone who isn’t looking to pay the bills from blogging, but would like to see a return from it some day. Write about what you enjoy, never force a story in the hopes of getting a quick return, and you will be writing for years.

I am a coin collector when it comes to blogging. I am lucky enough to have found a great channel to write on while being able to explore topics that interest me. Too often however I hear people complaining that their blog isn’t getting the traffic they would like. From this day forward I will begin explaining blogging as the coin collecting mode and that they have nothing to worry about.
Are you a stock market player or do you consider yourself a coin collector? Or is there a third model for blogging that I have overlooked? Let me know and tell me if any of my coins… posts might be worth anything.