Pinterest Is Jumping Aboard the Two-Factor Authentication Train

Pinners can also receive push notifications via the Authy app

Pinterest announced Tuesday that it will begin rolling out two-factor authentication to all of its users “over the next few weeks.”

Two-factor authentication protects users by enabling them to receive mobile text verification codes each time they log into the social network, or Pinners can opt to receive those codes via push notifications by downloading the Authy application from Twilio.

Pinners who wish to enable two-factor authentication can do so via the security section of their settings, and Pinterest said that once the feature is enabled via the web, it will also be enabled for users’ other devices.

Pinterest added that users can view all active sessions in their account settings and revoke any that are not familiar to them. Users will receive email notifications each time they login to Pinterest from new devices or locations.

Security engineer Emanuele Cesena wrote in a blog post:

Two-factor authentication protects your whole account once it’s enabled—so if you turn it on from the web, you’ll need a code to log in on any device, like your iPhone or Android phone.

In that same security section, you’ll also find a list of all devices logged in to your account. If you see a device you don’t recognize—or a date, time or location that seems fishy—you can quickly remove it.

If we see a login from a new device or location, we’ll send you an email to give you a heads up. If it was you, you’re all set. If it wasn’t, you can quickly reset your password to secure your account.

We don’t mess around when it comes to security, and this is just a small slice of what we do to protect your account. We’ll keep working to make your Pinterest experience the safest it can be.

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