Photrade Lets You Earn from Your Photos

I know Flickr is a great photo sharing site. In fact, I maintain my own Flickr pro-account which I used to back-up all the photos I take. The thing is, I pay an annual fee to maintain it, but I don’t earn anything in return. Even if my photos get millions of hits and page views, I won’t earn a dime from any of those views, unless somebody contacts me and ask to use any of my photos for a fee. Now, wouldn’t it be great to have a photo sharing site which pays everytime your photos are viewed and used? Actually there is a new photo sharing site which does that and it’s called Photrade. is a new photo sharing site that pays you for each view of your pictures. It’s not only your usual photo site, but a photo site that combines photo-sharing, stock photography and photo sales. In addition it also lets you earn through ad revenue sharing scheme.

There are three ways by which you can earn from ad revenue – from banner ads that appear on your photo gallery, from Photrade’s Patent-Pending-Picture-in-Picture advertising which is basically ad implementation directly in your photos and from ads on splash screen where users land when they click on your photos from another site.

The key to earning more from Photrade’s ad revenue is to organize your photos with adequate tags to ensure that it gets highly searchable through various relevant keywords. The more easy for search engine to reference your photos everytime a user do an image search, the higher your revenue potential will be.

Aside from ad revenue, you can also earn by selling your photos. You used Photrade as your online gallery where the public can view, and then let them contact you should they be interested with any of your works.

The key here is to upload as much great quality photos as possible and organize them in a search engine-friendly manner.

If you’re not convinced with what I just wrote, better watch this video which explains how Photrade works.

Site Tour from photrade on Vimeo.