Phishing Scams Start Appearing on Facebook

One of my readers just brought to my attention a new phishing scam taking place on Facebook. Apparently some users are posting wall posts that are definitely spammy. Here is one example post:

lol i cant believe these pics got posted….its going to be BADDDD when her boyfriend sees these-

Firefox Forgery AleryIf you go to the link provided it displays a fake Facebook login screen that looks almost identical to the regular login page. Luckily I didn’t fall victim to this and received a comforting alert from Firefox that notified me that the page was web forgery (as picture to the left). If you received any message similar to this you should definitely report the activity to Facebook so that they can take the proper actions to prevent other users becoming a victim.

If you see a URL that attempts to duplicate Facebook you should realize that it doesn’t end with “” I’m sure there are already people that have fallen for the trick. Additionally, these scammers have made the login well. Once you enter an email and password it automatically redirects you to the Facebook page and will actually log you in if you enter a real email and password. Either way, don’t become a victim! You shouldn’t enter your email and password at any other URL other than