Petbook: Facebook is not just for people

Dogbook CatbookI now have proof that animal lovers will take over the world. A couple of new Facebook apps called Catbook and Dogbook let you set up a profile for your pets. Your pets can have friends, keep track of photos tagged with their name and all sorts. It’s madness, but it’s so much fun.

DogsterIt’s not just about showing off your favourite ball of fluff, either. Facebook is being used to hook up cute, adoptable animals with potential owners. The Dogster and Catster rescue apps were designed for rescuing animals in pounds across America. The Dogster team also released Dogster cute and Catster Cute for showing off the cutest pet pics you find online.

Pet adoption is a fantastic use of Facebook’s networking potential. The Dogster team should be applauded for their quick thinking and for doing all they can to help these animals. So, adopt yourself a cutey and set up a profile for it now!