Periscope Introduces Superfans, Groups, More

Periscope launched three new features for users of its live-streaming app and website.

Periscope launched three new features designed to help users connect on the live-streaming platform.

First, a new Superfans feature will now show a broadcaster their 10 most engaged viewers, or Superfans. With this feature, Periscope said, “Broadcasters can get more insight into their biggest fans and create more meaningful relationships with them.” Each Superfan is identified with an icon and a score.

Periscope Superfans

In a blog post, the Periscope team explained:

We denote Superfans with an icon and score, which is calculated by an algorithm and informed by different engagement actions. Superfan scores will be different for each specific broadcaster-to-viewer relationship. You can find Superfans in broadcaster profiles and will see them denoted throughout the app and on the web.

In addition to viewing their own Superfans, users will also be able to see if they are a Superfan of anyone else.

Next, a new Groups feature will allow users to broadcast videos that are shared with specific groups of people. For instance, a user could create a group that contains only their closest friends, while another group may contain their coworkers, and so on. Once a group has been created, a user can broadcast specifically to the group. In addition, every member in a group can add other users to the group.

Finally, users can now login to their accounts on the website, and they can share comments and hearts while watching live videos on the web.

Periscope’s new mobile features are now available in the Periscope app on iOS and Android.

Readers: What do you think about these new Periscope features?

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