People Now Spend More Time Looking at Mobile Screens Than TV

Americans are spending more time on mobile screens than they are TV screens, thanks to the success of independent app developers.

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Time spent on mobile screens has surpassed time spent watching TV, according to data released by the Yahoo-owned mobile analytics service Flurry. Mobile screen time has been on the rise ever since such a thing existed, but in Q3 of 2014, it overtook TV time. The average American now spends two hours and 57 minutes a day looking at a mobile device, while TV-viewing has remained steady over the years at two hours and 48 minutes.

One caveat: The data doesn’t take into consideration the phenomenon of second screen. “While we don’t have a way to measure the overlap in time spent, other than our own families’ experiences, we believe that there is plenty of overlap between the time spent on TV and that on mobile devices,” reads a Flurry blog post.

According to the company’s analysis, growth in time spent is largely due to independent developers. Time spent in the top 25 apps only grew 1 percent, while time spent in apps below the top 25 grew 21 percent. Time spent on the mobile web remained steady.

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