PennyPop enters the puzzle battle arena with Battle Camp on iOS

Image via PennyPop

Mobile gamers have another option in the puzzle battle arena, thanks to PennyPop’s release of Battle Camp on iPhone and iPad. Battle Camp takes players to a summer camp in the forest, giving them a variety of monsters to raise and battle against other trainers.

The gameplay of Battle Camp resembles Puzzles & Dragons. Players attack enemy monsters by creating matches of three or more like-symbols on the game board. Instead of relying on traditional matches, where symbols must be right next to each other in order to swap them, Battle Camp allows users to tap and drag a symbol from anywhere on the board in order to make those matches.

As symbols are moved, the surrounding symbols are manipulated in order to make “room” for the moving symbol to actually move. Players can drag these symbols through as complicated a path as they’d like, creating multiple matches of three or more like-symbols before ever letting go. This offers much more freedom and strategy than in Puzzle & Dragons, which relies more on the luck of where symbols happen to fall.

Image via PennyPop

Battles require energy to complete, but this recharges overtime or is earned as players complete quests. Bonus monsters are earned by completing battles, and these can be used to strengthen existing monsters through the expected evolution mechanic. Of course, players can also purchase rare monsters outright using Gold, the game’s premium currency.

In addition to single-player battles, Battle Camp allows players to interact with other real-world players, who move around in real time within the game’s virtual world. Users can battle each other in player-vs-player tournaments, or can work cooperatively in timed Raid Events to earn larger prizes than they may be able to earn on their own.

“We built Battle Camp on top of a massive virtual world so that players can interact with people in real time all around the world,” said Don Parker, Game Designer of Battle Camp, in a company statement. “You don’t just play through the story and quit. You join the community and the relationships you build are why you come back. ”

Battle Camp is now available to download for free on iOS devices. The game is expected to launch on Facebook and Google Play this fall. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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