Orange Demos T-Shirt That Can Charge iPhones

This year at Glastonbury festival, Orange will be introducing Sound Charge, a new mobile charging technology to power the mobile phones by using sound. Sound Charge consists of a t-shirt that absorbs the sound waves and produce energy that can charge two standard mobile phones or one smartphone.

The t-shirt is fabricated with a piezoelectric panel (used in speaker) to convert vibrations into energy at a rate of 6 Watts per hour. The energy produced is then stored in an external battery which can then be used to charge a phone.

Sound Charge is still a prototype with a promise to become a product one day. Last year at the Glastonbury festival Orange touted willies with charger in the heals, and the year before it was personal windmills, all with the promises to eventually become product one day. We are not expecting Sound Charge to be released someday soon, nevertheless, Orange has outdone its tradition of Glastonbury green-tech this year. Have a look at the official introduction of Sound Charge from Orange.

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