OpenFeint, Scoreloop Extend Their Reach With Carrier Deals, New Platform Products

Eyeing opportunities on Android and Windows Phone 7, social gaming networks OpenFeint and Scoreloop have been busy this month with expanding their footprint through a series of carrier deals and new platform products.

OpenFeint, which is backed by Intel Capital and The9, launched a set of social gaming APIs that help developers offer games for every app store and device. It includes the standard bells-and-whistles: leaderboards that let players compete against each other regardless of whatever device they’re carrying, OpenFeint accounts that let players take their achievements across devices, the ability to friend other players and the ability to follow a developer for news.

It comes on the heels of a deal with AT&T a week ago to have OpenFeint’s social gaming features come installed on the carrier’s Android devices this quarter. Ideally, the deal should allow Android devices to have a competitive social infrastructure to what Apple’s GameCenter provides. This could help with tricky problems around discovery of new gaming titles and promotion of virtual goods in different applications. OpenFeint says it reaches more than 65 million users through more than 4,700 games.

OpenFeint’s European rival Scoreloop has also been fairly busy as well with a beta launch of a SDK for the emerging Windows Phone 7 platform yesterday, adding to its suite of offerings on Android, Bada, Airplay and iOS. To get access to the beta, developers can send Scoreloop an e-mail here.

The SDK also supports in-game purchasing, in-app promotions and virtual currencies. The Munich-based company, which is backed by European venture capital firms Target Partners and Earlybird, says it’s growing at about 1 million new users per week.