Online Retailers Sell King and Palin eBooks for $7.99

The holidaypalin.jpg book price wars rage on. A look at Amazon’s Kindle store shows the price for Stephen King’s Under the Dome (Simon & Schuster) at $7.99. The eBook is available for pre-order and goes on sale on 12/24, having been delayed since its 11/9 hardcover release. Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue is also available for $7.99 pre-order. It will be available as an eBook on 12/26; the hardcover came out on 11/16.

Barnes & Noble’s shows a $7.99 discount for Palin, but not for King.

In an email exchange with eBookNewser, a representative from Simon & Schuster declined to comment. A representative from HarperCollins also had no comment.