Official Facebook for iPad App May Be Available in a Few Weeks

Facebook for iPhone running on an iPad

Facebook for iPhone running on an iPadFacebook (according to information provided by The Weather Channel in discussing their own apps) is the most used smartphone app across platforms in the world. And yet, Facebook has not provide an official app for the iPad yet. You can run their iPhone app on an iPad. However, it will either look like the screenshot to the side here or heavily pixelated (blocky) when expanded to fill the iPad’s display.

However, the New York Times reports that the Facebook is almost ready to release an official app for the iPad. NYT says the free app should be available within weeks.

Facebook Readies an iPad App, Finally

Unnamed sources noted that the Facebook for iPad app has a slick design and the ability to upload photos and videos recorded by the iPad 2’s cameras.

There are several free and paid Facebook apps for the iPad from third parties. However, my own tests with them were unsatisfying. I uninstalled them from my iPad.