Offerpal Rebrands Itself As Tapjoy; Focuses on Mobile

In breaking news, Offerpal Media has chosen to change its name to Tapjoy, Inc.. a monetization and distribution company that Offerpal acquired back in March. Offerpal made this announcement at the Game Developers Conference Online in Austin, Texas. As mobile becomes an extremely important arena for gaming, Offerpal’s rebranding will be better suited for mobile distribution and monetization. Offerpal is still quite active on Facebook, though, and will also be focusing on SocialKast, a user acquisition and engagement service it launched for web developers in July.

Tapjoy’s basic services allow users to earn virtual currency for installing other apps in the network while taking a cut of revenue from pay-for-installs generated in the process. Offerpal began partnering with Tapjoy in June of 2009 to create a solution by which Offerpal extended its services to the iPhone platform.

Offerpal’s been going through a flurry of changes and their CEO Anu Shukla was at the limelight of the Scamville scandal as Michael Arrington of Techcrunch unearthed scam offers penetrating social games and victimizing its users. The company also had to layoff several of its members when it had to shift focus away from Facebook Credits. The name Offerpal has baggage associated with it and doesn’t fully describe the services they are offering now such as surveys and videos to Mechanical Turk enabled tasks and more.

“Our new name embodies the stronger and more diverse company we’ve become over the last several quarters,” said Tapjoy president and chief executive officer Mihir Shah. “It builds on the strong market position we’ve established under the Offerpal and Tapjoy brands as the leader in alternative payments and virtual currency monetization on web and mobile respectively, while representing our more recent successes with mobile and web application distribution.”

Offerpal launched SocialKast in July to help developers move off of Facebook. The platform was designed to help developers offer their users the ability to send cross-platform notifications to their friends using other sites. This service was enabled b providing developers a Viral API and a cross-app Promo Bar where handpicked relevant partner apps could be displayed.

According to the release, Tapjoy will continue its operations in Fremont, New York, London and Tokyo but will shift its headquarters to San Francisco. We wish the best of luck to this unified company. To learn more, visit