Offerpal Launches Multivariate Testing Platform For Developers

-Offerpal Logo-Yesterday Offerpal announced the launch of a new multivariate testing platform which helps developers optimize their virtual currency to maximize revenue and keep each application’s virtual economy more stable. Managing an overall economy isn’t easy however Offerpal hopes that this new system helps developers a bit more. They also hope developers implement the system as it helps not only the developers generate more revenue but Offerpal as well.

A number of companies have been announcing more advanced analytics and application management packages for developers over the past few weeks including Brainwave who recently launched a service for sending out notifications to users. mixpanel also released an advanced analytics package the other week to help developers create more custom tracking services.

However this new multivariate testing platform released by Offerpal is strictly focused on monetization and optimizing conversion rates within the virtual economies of applications. While brands are trying to start conversations with users, developers are busy working on applications that covert game theory and user interaction into money. With a fiercely competitive landscape, offer monetization services need to create value add tools, like the new one provided by Offerpal, in order to stay on top.

This new service is just one of the many tools that Offerpal hopes to roll out over the coming months. It will be interesting to see if the other companies in this space begin competing over advanced dashboards for each monetization platform.