Obama Makes Final Push On Twitter

In the most hotly contested election in recent U.S. history, American voters today are deciding who will be president of the United States.

Both have used Twitter in recent months to bolster support – and today is no different, with #VoteObama listed as the top worldwide promoted trend.

When you visit Twitter today, you’ll see this trend:


And, accordingly, when you click the promoted trend, you’re greeted with this promoted tweet:


And the link brings you to a handy tool that helps you figure out where to vote.

Kenneth Wisnefski, social media adviser and founder/CEO of WebiMax, feels “this last minute push by the President through Twitter gives him an extreme advantage while Governor Romney has not responded to this [with his own promoted trend].”

Wisnefski feels “the real-time updates we now have access to in the online community can shape the outcome of this election differently than previous elections and can furthermore influence voters before they go to the polls after work.  Also, 3 out of the 10 trending topics on Twitter in the United States include the President while none mention Governor Romney.”

Do you agree with this assessment? And has Twitter specifically and social media in general influenced your voting?

(Voting image from Shutterstock)

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