Obama Endorses Some Guy for Mayor

The “Snow day” in politics yesterday didn’t put other political battles on hold, including the race for mayor of New York city.

Even with a solid performance by Democratic candidate Bill Thompson against incumbent billionaire Michael Bloomberg, he’s not getting the love he needs from his party, according to HuffingtonPost:

The most spectacular example of Thompson’s desperation came when White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was asked who President Obama supports in the race. “The president is the leader of the Democratic Party and as that would support the Democratic nominee,” Gibbs responded.

He added that Obama “obviously has a tremendous amount of respect” for Bloomberg, who is not the Democratic nominee. And then, without ever mentioning who the Democratic nominee actually is, Gibbs moved on to another topic.

Thompson was so thrilled by this backhanded endorsement that you’d have thought he won the Nobel Peace Prize. He immediately called a press conference to announce “how proud and honored I am.”

HuffPo blogger Daniel Collins goes on to point out that Bloomberg’s ran 900 TV spots in September, against just 14 for Thompson.