NY Daily News oughta be in pictures

spotlights.gifNot only is the New York Daily News hilarious, but it’s telegenic as well: at least Bravo must think so, because they’ve tapped the NYDN to ‘star’ in their new documentary series chronicling the daily workings of a newspaper.

The series, which will consist of six one-hour episodes, will be shot as an unfolding drama, focusing on “the action-packed days of our reporters, photographers and editors as they break the biggest and hottest news stories of the day” (per the Daily News).

Less impressed is NYDN arch-nemesis the New York Post, which sniffed via Media Ink columnist Keith Kelly “Bravo already missed the biggest drama of the year when the News’ Scratch n’ Stiff scandal erupted after it printed the wrong winning numbers for the bingo-card contest.” The ongoing snipping between the Post and what it affectionately refers to as “the Daily Snooze” will figure prominently in the series, according to Tom Scocca in the NYO.

Daily News EIC Michael Cooke concedes that his staff may not be movie star material, but thinks that footage of them cranking out copy in the NYDN’s “dirty” newsroom will be nonetheless worthy of note. If not, we hear Page Six’s Paula Froelich has a book out that can help.

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