Numbers, numbers everywhere…

Our cousin TVNewser cites a new Pew study that sheds a bit more light (or perhaps simply muddies the picture?) on cable news’ post-Katrina ratings. As we reported yesterday, Fox has still (like always) been cleaning everyone’s clock, taking 34 of the top 40 shows on all of cable last week. When it comes to Katrina coverage, however, Pew’s respondents gave CNN the nod, continuing an ongoing trend that even while Fox racks up impressive numbers day-to-day, CNN takes the trophy during major (i.e. Sept. 11, Iraq War, etc.) news stories. You might heard: CNN — the most trusted name in news, blah, blah, blah.

All told, 31 percent of Pew’s respondents cited CNN as their primary source of news on Katrina (22 percent said Fox, 19 percent to local news, 14 percent for ABC, 12 percent for ABC, 9 percent for MSNBC, 8 percent for CBS and 3 percent for the little network that can’t–CNBC).

Most of Pew’s respondents look favorably upon the media’s treatment and coverage of Katrina: “Overall, two-thirds give news organizations excellent (28%) or good (37%) ratings for their coverage of the impact of Katrina. This is considerably more favorable than the public’s ratings a year ago for press coverage of the presidential election campaign.”

The full Pew study is worth a bit of your perusing time today. It’s Friday — you’re probably not working anyway.