Number of Secret Sources of Political Donations Grows

With the Supreme Court ruling stating that companies and interest groups can make political contributions, The Washington Post reports on the growing amount of money that has been donated by unknown sources, most of them conservative-leaning. The paper says one of the biggest  spenders ($7 million for Republicans) is the American Future Fund, whose  donors have not been disclosed.

“The $80 million spent so far by groups outside the Democratic and Republican parties dwarfs the $16 million spent at this point for the 2006 midterms,” the article reads. “In that election, the vast majority of money – more than 90 percent – was disclosed along with donors’ identities.”

A spokeswoman for Congressman Bruce Braley (D-IA) Caitlin Legacki said Americans should be concerned over groups that are trying to “buy a favorable result.” Public affairs specialists and lobbyists could also see the landscape shift.

The Post also offers an explanation for why Democrats have not raked in the same amount of money.

“One reason Democrats have benefited less from interest-group spending may be the party’s – and President Obama’s – message against the role of moneyed interests in Washington,” the story says. “And in his 2008 campaign, Obama discouraged such independent interest groups on the left from forming.”