Nuance FlexT9: Speak, Gesture, Write, and Type Text into Android Phones ($4.99)

Video courtesy of NuanceMobileChannel

While I was just as impressed by Swype’s gesture keyboard typing, I uninstalled it from my Droid a week after installing it because it got in my way too often when its predictive typing didn’t fit my current input needs. Nuance (of Dragon speech recognition fame) has an Android app that may have a text input solution that fits the way I want to work a bit better.

FlexT9 Four-in-One Keyboard Experience Now On Android Market!

FlexT9 (Nuance also bought the T9 text input technology that was essential back in the days when phone keyboards were mere phone keypads with multiple letters per key) gives you four ways to get text into your Android phone:

1. Speak: Voice recognition
2. Trace: Swype-like gestures
3. Write: Handwriting recognition
4. Tap: Conventional keyboard typing

My Nexus One was just sent off to HTC for repairs (hopefully covered by warranty). And, I suspect my Motorola Droid is too slow to comfortably run FlexT9. So, I’m going to wait until the Nexus One returns before deciding whether to buy and try this $4.99 app.