This Week’s WTF Moments In the News

How much crazy did you guys dredge up this week? A lot. Here’s our list of the most WTF moments in the news from the last few days:

WaPo: NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds

We’re not sure what’s more alarming about this story, that the NSA gets to determine all on its own which of its “errors” regarding privacy rules are actually errors and therefore reportable to overseers, or that much of these problems could be prevented with better employees. Almost 60 percent of FISA violations at the NSA in just Q1 of 2012 were due to “operator error” like not following standard operating procedures, training issues and typos.

Guess who’s getting more viewers than Bill O’Reilly…

CNN: Man accused of blowing up dog

Dake Kang reports that the Christopher Dillingham, a fireworks seller in Washington, strapped and detonated a homemade fireworks bomb to a 3-year-old golden retriever his ex-girlfriend had given him, because “she put the devil in it.” Here’s the craziest part. The Humane Society of the United States told Kang that “cases in which animals are killed or maimed with explosives or set on fire are ‘actually a lot more common than people think.'”

TWT (and others): A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ hits No. 1 nonfiction series in cable history

“Last night A&E’s season four premiere of ‘Duck Dynasty’ was the number one nonfiction series telecast in cable history with 11.8 million viewers.” Let’s pause for a second to note that there is a show called Duck Dynasty, about an extremely wealthy family in Louisiana who built their fortune on duck calls. Now let’s pause again to note that last night, 11.8 million people watched this show. Compare that with The O’Reilly Factor’s ratings for July 2013, the top cable news show that month: 2.624 million total viewers.