Nokia Maemo OS Getting Multi-Touch Support Providing a Multi-Difficult Platform Story

Nokia, like Microsoft, has a very confusing mobile platform story to tell. Microsoft has Windows CE, Windows Mobile (built on top of Windows CE), Danger OS (SideKick), and Zune (also built on Windows CE). Nokia has a bunch of “S” phone platforms, Windows 7 (on the Booklet 3G), and Maemo on their Internet tablets. To compound the confusion, all of them are multi-touch interfaces…

Maemo 6 to get multitouch & gestures with Qt 4.6

Windows 7 supports multi-touch natively. Various Nokia phone support multi-touch. And, now Nokia’s tablets (where it makes the most sense) can look forward to multi-touch. The problem is, how will the non-tech consumer be able to figure out which one to choose from. Of course, this is simple in the U.S. where Nokia products are difficult to find: Buy something else.