No More Dresses This Fall? No Way, Bloggers Say


Back in April Anne Slowey, fashion news director for Elle magazine, pronounced the dress dead in an April New York Times story. She said American women would be wearing wearing trousers come September. “The eye is looking for something new and so is the psyche…The dress has been done to death.”
Well, September 1 is around the corner and some bloggers are rebelling. “I have nothing against pants (or as fashion people often call them “a pant”), but there is just no way that I will accept dresses are out of style,” says Jennifer Romolini. “That’s an entire category of clothes! It’s like saying socks are out of style.” Some bloggers took their cause to the sympathetic Dress A Day. We’re just waiting for the Flickr set of autumn dress wearer/rebelers. On that note, this writer is out of here. Stephanie Murg will return next week.