Ning Embraces OpenSocial, a web tool/application/service which allows you to create your own social network has been around for quite some time now. Despite the lack of publicity and hype and too much media coverage, Ning managed to sustain itself and has gradually build-up a large userbase. Well, what can you expect from a web service such as Ning which practically makes each and everyone of us a programmer if we are to build our own social network. If this would not convince you to use Ning and create your social network, what if we tell you that Ning has joined the OpenSocial movement and has opened up its platform to the wild.

Joining OpenSocial only means that if you are a Ning user, you can now have access to third-party applications in the Ning directory waiting to be tapped and implemented on your Ning social network. The Ning OpenSocial applications expands on the older “Gadgets” feature of Ning.

Each of the social network built on Ning’s platform will have 30 OpenSocial applications to choose that include, Polldaddy and Shopit.

Ning’s OpenSocial application features the ff:

  • automatically inserts branding and visual design for Ning network’s listed on its OpenSocial directory
  • can inherit the visual style of the member profile page to which they are added.
  • automatically integrates OpenSocial applications to a network’s viral loops.
  • allows users to write to a member’s latest activity feed, send messages on behalf of the member
  • spread using a network’s viral sharing options

Those who haven’t tried using Ning, this maybe your chance to do so and get enthralled by the many third-party applications that would enhance your social networking experience over at