Nexon, Envision Entertainment Launch Path of War on Mobile

Path of War sees players become part of the rebel militia, as they fight against the government regime on a quest to reclaim Washington D.C.

Nexon and developer Envision Entertainment (formerly known as EA Phenomic) have announced the release of Path of War on iOS and Android. The strategy game takes players to the near-future United States, which is ruled by a government regime. Players become part of the rebel militia, and will fight against the government on a quest to reclaim Washington D.C.

Path of War takes place on a 1:1 scale map of the United States, with all players beginning near the Pacific Ocean. Players can collect resources from structures on their base, and will recruit new units for their army as they progress. Users can also attack resource camps owned by the regime to earn additional resources.

During battle, players can assign specific units to battle lanes based on the defenses of the enemy base. For instance, grenadiers are strongest against structures like buildings and turrets, so players may wish to deploy grenadiers in lanes containing these objects. Players can spend resources to upgrade their units outside of battle.

In addition, as players destroy power plants during battle, they’ll earn energy points which can be used to launch tactical weapons, like missiles, during the battle.

Path of War

Users can join other players in alliances, which helps them make faster progress. However, Martin Löhlein, senior producer and co-founder of Envision Entertainment, told SocialTimes players aren’t required to join an alliance to progress, though the game will be slightly harder for gamers who decide to play on their own. When in an alliance, players can chat with other members to coordinate their future attacks.

In addition to resource camps, the map is also filled with forts that can be captured to claim overall territory on the map. Löhlein said this territory is like a ‘bubble,’ which provides defense boosts to the bases inside. To be specific, Löhlein said if a player is inside their own territory, they’re relatively safe from attack, and their defense boost can increase as they continue to capture territory. However, the defense boost can also drop as their land is captured by other players or the regime.

When players claim territory, they may also claim special cities, like Las Vegas, which will generate super weapons users can deploy on the map.

While free to download, Path of War is supported by premium currency, which can be used to speed up the building time of items in a player’s base. However, Löhlein said all of the game’s content is available for free with enough work, and the game will provide players with opportunities to earn free premium currency. For instance, players may receive premium currency as a reward for completing specific quests.

In a statement, Dirk Ringe, CEO of Envision Entertainment, commented:

Path of War is the culmination of years of creating games that mesh living game worlds, open alliance systems, strategic base building and tactical PVP combat. We’ve worked closely with Nexon to refine the gameplay and to build an experience that will last for years to come. We cannot wait to see the chaos flare up between alliances as they race across the map to claim D.C!

Path of War is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.