NewsHour Partners With GlobalPost, Takes Lehrer Off Title

17660_logo.jpgPBS is making some big changes to its powerhouse “NewsHour” program. Starting December 7, the show will no longer be “The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer”, but “PBS NewsHour”, though longtime host Jim Lehrer will stay on with the show as an executive producer.

But the title of the show and the reduction of the role of its main anchor are not the the only differences for the program: “NewsHour” will also be teaming up with digital news site GlobalPost to supplement its international coverage. With GlobalPost’s host of correspondents from around the world, Linda Winslow, executive producer of “NewsHour”, said the year-old current events site has much to offer the PBS program. “The NewsHour is committed to in-depth coverage of international news, yet we cannot to do it all ourselves,” she said in an announcement about the partnership.

The truth is, publicly funded news can only pay so much for original reporting, and striking a deal with a young digital company to provide content may be the most pragmatic way to stretch the network’s budget. Meanwhile Lehrer is realistic about stepping aside for a rotating cast of new hosts on the show, as he told Howard Kurtz of The Washington Post, “I still have the hunger…I didn’t have the hunger to do it all by myself. But I really have the hunger for it to be done, and done well.”

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ARLINGTON, VA — November 30, 2009 — As part of its efforts to lead the way in the presentation of thoughtful and in-depth international journalism, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (soon to become the PBS NewsHour on December 7) announced a news gathering partnership with Boston-based GlobalPost that will begin immediately.

The PBS NewsHour will collaborate with GlobalPost’s network of approximately seventy country–ased correspondents around the world to provide the NewsHour’s broadcast and digital audiences with timely on-the-ground information about breaking news developments around the world. This network will augment the NewsHour’s current international reporting capabilities.

As part of the partnership, GlobalPost correspondents and videographers will jointly produce weekly video segments that will air on The PBS NewsHour broadcast and will also appear on the Online PBS NewsHour web site. GlobalPost and the PBS NewsHour staffs will work closely on story selection and on the various production aspects of each report. GlobalPost correspondents and Global Post Executive Editor Charles Sennott may also occasionally appear on the PBS NewsHour broadcast and digital platforms to provide reports and updates on developing news events.

Further, the PBS NewsHour and GlobalPost may undertake occasional special larger reporting projects or series throughout the year, to deeply examine specific topics. None are planned at this time.

“We are delighted with this new partnership with GlobalPost,” said Linda Winslow, Executive Producer of the PBS NewsHour. “The NewsHour is committed to in-depth coverage of international news, yet we cannot to do it all ourselves. By tapping into GlobalPost’s innovative reporting network, we can serve our audience well and extend our limited resources.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity for both GlobalPost and The NewsHour,” added Philip Balboni, President and CEO of GlobalPost. “GlobalPost aims to redefine international reporting by creating a new model for the digital age that efficiently produces extensive global reporting. By partnering with The NewsHour, we can bring to that coverage the editorial sensibility for which the NewsHour is known and infuse it with the thoughtfulness, depth and balance the NewsHour demands.”