New social network takes on LinkedIn

upperz.gifGranting that LinkedIn has been dominating the business social network niche, there’s nothing wrong with that since it has able to answer the social networking needs of business professionals and career oriented individuals. So, it would seem that new social network site, which is geared for the same audience as that of LinkedIn’s, may be up for a tough battle in persuading user to switch to their site. But it’s an open niche, so there’s not harm in trying.So, what does has to offer for the social networking savvy business and corporate professionals? For, one it is free. LinkedIn is free to some extent, but you have to pay some amount to access its premium features. But for, that is totally unnecessary as you can have a full featured social network with a free account.

And these social networking functionalities come in the form of a full featured blog, news, events and media items which are all useful to establish a career persons occupational goals as well as in establishing valuable business contacts.

But that all these would depend on how popular Upperz would become and how much membership it will be able to generate. For how good would a social network be, if it only has handful of members on its fold?

Upperz is currently in beta mode and will soon be released to the public. Until then, we will have to wait if it can possibly matched up to LinkedIn’s popularity in the business circle.

One good thing about Upperz though is that it was built on open source standard, so it is open for curious third party developers to make use of the Upperz platform and possibly help the site gain some web buzz in the social network industry.