New List of Banned SF Books from Worlds Without End

Have you ever wondered which classic SF books have been banned? Today I found a list that gathers all the science fiction and fantasy books that have been banned in the US, and I’m surprised at what made the list.

Worlds Without End compiled this list of 34 titles for Banned Book Week, which ended a few weeks ago. Yes, I did miss the best time to write this post, but the list is still worth a look. It includes titles that don’t surprise me, like Brave New World, Harry Potter, and Golden Compass.

But there are also several titles on the list that I’m not sure why anyone found them offensive. Hitchhiker’s Guide made the list, and while that novel is irreverent it is also fluff. It never really raises any issue that might offend someone. Also, Lord of the Rings was banned somewhere, which is worthy of a snicker. That book is a tedious read. There was no need to ban it; hardly anyone is going to finish it even if they can get it from the library.

Worlds Without End