New Facebook Shift Starts Today

This week Facebook will be forcing all the users over to the new Facebook design. That shift begins today according to AP. This means a portion of the users will no longer have an option to switch back to the old design. Look for a sharp increase in membership of the groups I mentioned yesterday. One of those groups is rapidly approaching 1 million users and as the shift moves into full swing we will most definitely see a larger backlash.

For all developers monitoring the shift in their application traffic since the new profile design was released, soon enough they can see what the total impact has been. Many have suggested that conversion of users from the profile to new application users has been significantly reduced but many of the developers I’ve spoken to haven’t tracked the difference between the two profiles. Things will become clear as all users are shifted to the new design.

Facebook has announced that by the end of the week all users will be forced to access the site via the new design. Could we see a larger backlash then we saw against the news feed launch a couple years ago? Possibly, but Facebook appears to be prepared to stand by their decision as they wrote on the official Facebook blog last week. We’ll most definitely keep an eye on the two top groups which are protesting the new design to see what type of growth they experience as the shift takes place.

Do you like the new design? Are you against the total shift taking place this week? Have your applications suffered from the new design? Let us know!