New Facebook Platform Industry Hires: Buddy Media, Context Optional, Involver, Wildfire and Work4 Labs

Companies hired more interns in the past seven days as well as a few sales staffers. Most notably, Buddy Media said that it had hired veteran financial executive Dennis Morgan last week as its new chief financial officer. He has previously served as the CFO of three venture-backed companies, including EPAC Technologies, Panther Express and Vibrant Media, and served for a time as the Vice President of Corporate Finance at Yahoo.

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Here’s this week’s list of hires:

Buddy Media

  • Kendell Burton, Design Intern
  • Dennis Morgan, CFO

Context Optional (part of Efficient Frontier)

  • Dawn Thawnghmung, Recruiter – formerly a Continuous Improvement Analyst at Meyer Tool.


  • Jamie Lipson, Marketing Intern


  • Noah Abelson, Sales Associate – formerly the founder and co-director at Flavor of Change LLC.
  • Adam Khalifa, Business Development – previously a consultant at Freelance New Business Development Libya.

Work4 Labs

  • Sadhika Batra, Marketing & Sales Strategy Intern